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Who I was meant to be….

I want to thank you for welcoming and ushering me into WHO I AM AND MEANT TO BE. Let me be clear on Dr. Salvin’s work ethics to be simply out of this world amazing. I purchased the Wicks of Wisdom for Money and Success. With the understanding that the candles were not going to do what wasn’t already in me to do. I understood  lighting the candles would connect me to the universe by being attracted to what was already inside of me. I realize we all have a light that beams on a frequency and vibration, some are brighter than others. The work that Dr. Salvin puts into the candles does not guarantee magic with a wand. It guaranteed my true inner being to become outward. I received lights of gifts two days later after lighting. It was up to me to recognize and be grateful. I am a firm believer in reaping what is sowed. It was confirmation to reading the instructions it included the importance of the word “God”. I recommend anyone who is reading this to take a leap of faith on yourself. As long as you are willing to be obedient, follow directions, not recreate, then there will be success. The level of success matters on the light that is already within you. Dr Salvin is a healer of much, but she is not promoting a way to kill, steal or destroy. Dr. Salvin showed me just how powerful she is by guiding me without even knowing what I looked like, less more what I felt like. She came from a stern motherly place and I received it all nothing short of exemplary. It would behoove you to give it a try before you give up on YOU! Remember this is not a get quick rich scheme, nor of witchcraft, but spiritual assistance to what your true nature is of the person who the candle is lit to help. Dr. Salvin has nothing to do with the balance of it all of what comes to you or how it comes….which is why I say lighting the candles you reap what you sow. I am a loyal spirit in the flesh walking with a guiding light over me, and I am highly favored and blessed beyond what I see can right now in the flesh. I have joy for the unseen moreso than the seen. It’s not about what I bought at this point….it is now about how long ago it been since I began my journey with Dr. Salvin by myside and how far I will travel.
In closing, I look forward to the Journey ahead! Thank you, thank you, thank you for lining me up with Amour of Silver and Gold. I honor you!

– Green Dolphin Street, CEO

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