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Good Luck Power

Dr to my soul.

I came across Linda around 5 years ago and am so thankful! She is so on point and always very understanding and always there for me. Her candles gave me the love of my life, my miracle baby when all odds were against me. Having Linda in my life, I always feel safe and secure knowing that she will always give me an honest direction in my life. She is burning more candles for me and I feel very optimistic about my future. Thank you Linda words can’t describe just how amazing you are 😘 - Abz

Avatar for God’s healing

Thank you Doc for your commitment to help so many of us balance our inner and outer worlds. You break open old scars and blockages so we have access to the truest us. Something I’ve tried to do for years with so many healers and on my own spiritual fasts but with your help you pulled and recalibrated so much turmoil that no one else accessed. I feel peace, I feel an over all sense of complete surrender. I thought I had this before, she showed me different. I plan on continued healings and with your help to continue transcending... read more →

Used Various Candles!

"After working for over a year with Dr. Linda, I am now a firm believer in candle magic! She is very specific about the herbs, oils and intentions that go into each candle with her specific formulas. I have burned them myself as well as hired her to burn them for me. I have seen some amazing results with my family, career and in my personal life as well. I can't thank her enough for delivering results I never thought possible. Her candles do work wonders!" Name withheld upon request TV Executive, Los Angeles, CA - Name withheld/TV Executive

Dr. Linda is amazing!!!

Dr. Linda is amazing!!! Since burning the Good Luck and Money and Success Candles, I have discovered that I am being sent an additional large sum of money from a retirement plan. It's like a gift from the Universe, so unexpected!!! Thank you Dr. Linda!!! God Bless you and your candles!! Doreen Manzetti, Chandler, AZ

Candles Help Us Get Pregnant!

Dear Linda, I wanted to write and thank you. My wife and I had been going through some fertility issues and were trying to have a second child. You recommended we burn the Health and Wellness Power candles and the Good Luck Power candles. Well, one month later my wife was pregnant and last month delivered our second little boy. Thanks again. Ryan C.

The Candles Work!

I just got word from my attorney’s office that I would only pay $10,000 instead of $32,540. When I started the candles, the first one burned slowly then the next two did their thing. As the third one finished I got the call that they accepted my offer of $10,000 to settle. I did the petition they way you told me and I am so grateful. The results were immediate. This is the Good Luck Power set of candles and I want everyone to know that these candles TRULY work. Listen to Linda and she will guide you to whatever... read more →
Money & Success Power

I’m on a straight highway to greatness

Dr Linda I don't know how to express my appreciation to you where I was to where I am now.  I call you and  I didn't even have to tell you anything. You got to work and put me on my feet to stand firm in every area of my life I'm great Dr. Linda you're my Doctor for life keep up the good work . - Angella

Dr. Linda is amazing!!!

Dr. Linda is amazing!!! Since burning the Good Luck and Money and Success Candles, I have discovered that I am being sent an additional large sum of money from a retirement plan. It's like a gift from the Universe, so unexpected!!! Thank you Dr. Linda!!! God Bless you and your candles!! Doreen Manzetti, Chandler, AZ

God bless you for helping us Linda!

My husband and I were having problems with our living situation and financial problems for a while and started getting worse. So I decided to tell my husband about Linda Salvin and her magic candles that I knew for a while. I told him few years ago Linda helped me find out where my missing Yorkshire terrier was also helped me with my past relationship (glad I didn't marry my ex). Then I told him about the candles. He was very skeptical about it and wasn't sure if it was really going to work. Few days later my husband said... read more →

Wow the Money & Success candles sure are working

Wow the Money & Success candles sure are working. It's the very most obvious set of candles I have, last ones and these. Today -- My ex gave me a check for $1750 -- he sold our boat that I'd forgotten about and this was my half. My friend Jim called to tell me he sent me a check for about $300 as apparently he owed me something I didn't know about. And, I got a check in today for copywriting work $1,200 that I wasn't expecting for another month or more.

Candles Work Miracles

Hi Linda, My lucky day to find you on the Internet! I purchased the “Money-Success-Power Candles” two weeks ago after a reading and petition consultation with you… and WOW! The most incredible thing happened in the first week. I sell high-end crystal jewelry to gift shops. One day, on a whim, I packed up my samples, drove 45 miles and walked into the jewelry store in a Pennsylvania Casino, and the second person I spoke with was the owner of the store, we exchanged phone number and the rest is history! Unbelievable! I am so thrilled, you have no idea... read more →

The Power of Magic Candles

Hi Linda. I wanted to leave a testimonial for all to see of how amazing your Wicks Of Wisdom candles are! After burning the Money & Success Power candles, I almost immediately saw results! I wished for upcoming success in my music career and BAM!.. I’m getting shows, being noticed by record labels, you name it. I have to admit, I was a skeptic from the start, but I knew if I believed in the power of these candles, something good would come from it. And, it has! I couldn’t ask for anything more!! Thank You for creating such a... read more →

The Power Of The Candles

I met Linda here in Big Bear, CA when she was previewing her candles for a group of friends. I had just had my Heloc suspended as the lender said prices were falling too quickly here in our area. I was using these funds to send my son to college. Needless to say I was really stressed. Well I got a new appraisal and have just signed loan docs for a loan where I won’t be messed with. I also rented my spec house and am re-fing it too. Life is good. I will get a new set of candles... read more →

Stocks Stay Up

As a stockbroker, I have been burning the candles for years. Even with the unstable market, my business continues to grow and clients are happy. Wicks of Wisdom work. Brad W.

Money & Success Power Candles Work!

I wanted to say thank you for recommending your Money & Success Power candles. I tried them at the beginning of this year after I spent most of 2007 going from one job after another. As soon as I got the first candle going I was offered a good job but it did not end there, shortly after starting this job I was contacted by another company and after my interview I was offered a position that paid more money and offered generous benefits. Now I can’t wait to see what else happens once I get the remaining candles going.... read more →
Soul Mate Power (Love)

The candles have really helped

Hi Linda. I ordered Soul Mate Power candles because my boyfriend and I were slowly drifting apart and he was becoming less communicative. The day the candles arrived before I lit them, he called me to see how I was. After a week we were beginning to slowly do things together, going out for day trips, bike riding, concerts, just like we used to do. He has even invited me to come to a wedding with him. The candles have really helped and I will continue to burn them. They smell good and the ritual of preparing them is also... read more →
Soul Mate Power (Attract)

Getting Married! Candles Work!

I just purchased a 30 minute reading as a gift to one of my maids of honor, the other I bought SOUL MATE POWER™ – ATTRACT candles for. I want to let you know that you helped me in an amazing way. Two years ago I was going through a rough time in my personal relationship life. After a few readings with you as well as using the Soul Mate Power Attract candle, I met my fiancé only 2 months later. We are getting married on Oct. 24th and I couldn’t be happier. I wish the best for my best... read more →

Thank you!

I had to place my mother in an assisted living home. She kicked and screamed going in not wanting to give up her freedom. After burning the Soul Mate Power Attract candles for her, she met a man who resides in the home. They have been inseparable for months and she is happier than ever. Thank you! Alecia

They work!!

Just wanted to let you know that from [burning] Soul Mate Power Attract candles…nice guys that I had met before, which I have not seen for months, have come back into my life…. I put an ad on the internet for dating and I am surprised that I actually had guys interested. They work!! Sally
Health & Wellness Power

Thank you Linda for your help!

I first heard about Linda through my husband who had spoken to Linda and I took it upon myself to order the health candles, because of the spotting between my menstrual cycle which had already caused me to become anemic. I followed the instructions Linda gave me (who by the way is pleasant to speak to and very honest with you) and I am happy to report since 2011 when I was first diagnosed with Fibroid's, 5 years later, I am no longer experiencing any spotting. My energy has also improved because I am not  loosing as much blood as... read more →

Thank you for helping my mom!

Dear linda, thank you is not enough, the health candles i burned for my mother were successful, her surgery on 7-09-07 went great, all the tumors were encapsulated and she needs no further intervention other than blood work every 6 months. Karen P

Candles Rule

They do, Linda! Yesterday I took Hy home to Albany. He is supposed to be at Sloan-Kettering for 3 weeks after the bone marrow transplant. But the doc said “I don’t see any cancer, and if you’re cancer-free, go home, start your recovery, and get on with your life.” WOW!! He left after 12 days! The transplant was a complete success, and he’s cancer free!! He’s not out of the woods yet – he has no immune system since it was destroyed by the radiation & chemo. His wife now refers to him as “Bubble Boy” since that’s the life... read more →

I have lost 20 lbs so far!!!

I have had terrible hives…for the past two years. No medical explanation could be found. I gained 50 lbs from medications. 1 week after health candles, NO MORE HIVES! And I have lost 20 lbs so far!!! Shirlie Hill