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Part 2… So yesterday was my final court appearance… It was sentencing day! I stayed positive but you know deep down it could go either way. But I kept held up in my thoughts the Wicks of Wisdom candle magic this beautiful awesome soul Linda Salvin did for me. I am so eternally grateful to this lady. This candle magic was done a while back as my court date kept getting extended. We weren’t sure if it would stay with us through my court date. But this wonderful lady kept me in her mind and thoughts as I kept her and the candles in mine and a miracle happened! I was looking at a lot of years in federal prison, and I mean a lot and as I sat before the judge waiting to hear how many years I could get the miracle happened. I received four years probation, yes 4 years probation! Because of Linda and her wonderful candle magic I was spared prison time. My lawyer after the court hearing called me and was in shock he said he has never in all the 35 to 40 years he has been doing this has never seen or heard of a judge issuing four years probation for the crimes I was accused of. Linda believed in me as I unfolded my story to her she was 100% on my side and with me throughout this whole crazy ordeal. This is absolutely a miracle and I am here to let everyone know this wicks of wisdom candle magic Is For Real! If anyone is looking for help with anything trust me going to Linda for her beautiful gift is the only way to go. I will never know how to repay her for my life and my freedom. Linda thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me and how you believed in me. You didn’t just do it and leave me you checked in with me throughout these long months of waiting and I appreciate that I will never forget that. You have the most precious gift and I thank God that I met you and I was able to use your services and in such a powerful way. I can’t say enough about you, you’re awesome. Thank you for my miracle.

– Kelly Walker-Bell, Grateful Client of Dr Linda

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