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Wicks Of Wisdom

Wicks of Wisdom® candles are a unique line of Spiritual Candles, petitions and formulas developed as directed by guidelines handed down through the ages. They are lovingly handcrafted with specified ingredients and each assigned the appropriate essential oils, herbs and powders to address a particular aspect of life’s many  issues. These marvelous spiritual candles, when used properly, release a special power that helps you overcome some of life’s seemingly hopeless situations.  These assist in improving finances, career, luck, love, health and wellbeing and much more.

‘Each candle may take 3-5 days to burn, one candle at a time, continuously, all three need to be burned to complete the work…this is WORK, not ambiance… thus we say, Wicks of Wisdom work, “…like a prescription for your soul.” ®   The answers are in alignment with the Universal will for each person and unique ritual.