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Channeling of my ex and 2 babies
Good morning Dr. Linda, Thank you for yesterday’s session! It has been heavy on my mind all night and has opened my eyes even more to see signs & confirmations from my loved ones that have passed over. I am still in complete awe. Many of the things you mentioned yesterday, LITERALLY no one else knew or only Jeannot, Jeannell or baby Jeannot knew. It brings so much relief to my heart knowing the 3 of them are together, happy...
- Alner Smith
Dr. Linda is the Truth
Linda, I apologize for the dropped call-it went silent on my end, but it didn’t hang up right away, that’s why I was asking if you could hear me. I’m not sure if it was my phone or not, but apologies either way. I didn’t pick up afterwards however because I was in the middle of a good cry, lol. You are the truth and I’m so glad I called you. You put everything into focus and I’m calling my...
- Tiffany O.
Great Grandkids Custody Battle Won with help of Candles!
I would like to share my testimonial about Linda’s candles. I recently had a family dilemma concerning my granddaughter’s children ages 2 and 5. They were taken away from her by the Child Protective Services for nearly two years. The decision for her to get them back looked very grim. She had to attend several parent classes which she had completed and still the decision was not in her favor. The final decision was to be in late June 2023....
- Connie B.
Dr. Linda is the absolute truth!
I honestly don’t know where to start. I came to Dr. Linda seeking answers and guidance, and got way more revelations. Her reading has helped me navigate through a family members severe illness, prepare for a life altering situation and also gave me comfort that things will eventually be alright. Everything she said in her reading was 100% accurate! Don’t sleep on Dr. Linda. She’s the truth and someone who helps provide answers/guidance with life’s questions.
- Sarah
Scary Accurate and Success
I originally got to know Linda as a psychic. I had been reading with her on and over over 10 years. She predicted my first marriage wouldn’t be long term and then with the second long term relationship, she is the only one that ended up being right to the point. My significant other has used the exact same term she used to describe something. Knowing what an incredible psychic she is, I decided to buy her Good Luck candles....
- Shannon R.