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Insightful and Accurate Readings
I highly recommend scheduling a private reading with Dr. Linda. She is extremely intuitive and gives insight to your current and future situations with accuracy. I called her 2 years ago to ask about direction on career goals and career plans, as I was struggling to know the path that would be best suited for me. She predicted I would be in a certain field after graduation, which I am currently working in today after graduating. She really cares about...
- Kaye, So Carolins
Good Luck Power
I ordered my candles from Dr. Linda on a Friday and received them Monday. Our phone call was me sharing my hesitation about going forward with some big decisions in my life. After lighting the first of the three good luck candles my home feels serene and peaceful, it smells amazing too. It is what is in the candles, herbs, oils, powder, and petition yes. But also the healing power of Dr. Linda. On the phone with her and having...
- Katie M
My Life Has Changed for the Best!
Hi Dr. Linda ✨ I wanted to let you know that since the first day I lit the candle, my life has changed all for the best! I can’t thank that guy Tommy enough for giving me your information. He definitely was not a good relationship person for me, but needless to say he came into my life for a reason which was to meet you. I have stood up for myself to some people that were no longer serving...
- Joanne from Florida
Obstacle Released! Candles Work!
Hi Dr Linda, I would like to say how grateful I am for your Wicks of Wisdom candles. They are very powerful and they really work! I was told by my employer that my position would be eliminated in a few months so I started applying for other positions within the company but I had no luck. I bought the Good Luck candles to assist me with opening doors. I am excited to announce not only was I promoted at...
- Denise Bello
Helpful Reading
I recently had a 1 hour reading with Dr. Linda Salvin. It was very helpful. The information just flowed; I did ask some questions, but Linda was able to anticipate questions and give me relevant information before I even asked. She is clearly high energy. She also gave me helpful information and links to products for my family’s health after I asked. I appreciate this – these are products I was unaware of, and I do have a lot of...
- Robin