"...Like a Prescription for your soul..."

"...like a prescription for your soul..."

Dr. Linda Salvin is a metaphysical clinician and psychic with powerful healing abilities. She combines her scientific background with her spiritual gifts into a unique holistic method that will assist you on your life journey and help you find the answers to your most burning questions. 

Dr. Linda is a pioneer of psychic radio. She is one of the original radio psychics who created the format in 1994 at KBIG 104 FM. She went on to national syndication through 2009. To learn more, click “about Linda” and read about the plane crash she survived that opened her up psychically.

Physical | Body

FDA-approved, non-invasive, Strawberry Laser Lipo is the perfect way to quickly lose inches in your problem areas.

Metaphysical | Psychic

Answers to your life’s questions. Solutions to your love, finances, career, relationships, spiritual guidance, health and wellness, or legal issues.

Spiritual | Magic

Wicks of Wisdom include all the ingredients you will need for enhancing finances, luck, love, health and wellness, harmony, and legal issues.

Wicks of Wisdom
Dr. Linda's Candle Magic Line

Order here for Wicks of Wisdom candles to help change your different situations and restore balance in your life today.

Readings/Spiritual Consultation

Book your session for life predictions.


Dr. Linda removes emotional blocks from your body. Metaphysical healing is performed at the cellular level using breathing, color, and words.

Dr. Linda Radio

Listen to always-on live podcasts on case studies testimonies about Dr. Linda.

Dr. Linda DNA

Swab your cheeks and get a DNA map of your genetic codes. You receive many pages of genetic explanations of your body. A customized nutritional product made just for with clinical doses your body needs will be sent to you monthly. The health changes are magical. To learn more and order click here:


People have nice things to say about Dr. Linda.

A Letter From Rabbi

Hi Linda. I don’t think we ever spoke, all those years ago in high school. I do know we had friends in common, and I certainly remember your name. I wanted to congratulate you for your achievements as a psychic and healer. Whoever would have thought?
I’m always on the lookout for people blessed with “the gift”. Maybe I’ll be able to work with you some day. I’m fascinated by the connection between your traumas, and your spiritual gifts–a kind of cosmically converged surgery, where God has taken the pain of injury and transformed it into blessings of intuition and healing. It reminds me of the powerful connection between near death, and spiritual vision, as when God tells Moses, “You cannot see My face and live.” Also, remember that Abraham calls the site of the binding (and near sacrifice) of Isaac “God will see.” People who have had Near Death Experiences can tell a similar story. You are very fortunate to be gifted with this connection, and to be able to live it in your own life. May you continue to grow in strength! Sincerely, Rabbi Alan Green Fairfield, Iowa



Recognised Top 100 among health care practitioners globally.

This prestigious award was recently conferred by IFAH ( International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare), a testament to Dr. Linda’s prowess.


Sessions and Candles


Watch Dr. Linda as she joins Mark Alyn on his cooking show.

Enjoy Dr. Linda on Mark Alyn’s cooking show 


Storm Monroe's Analysis Of Wicks Of Wisdom and the Kardashians

Youtuber Storm Monroe was so impressed with Dr. Linda’s Wicks of Wisdom he did a whole segment on Dr. Linda and the Kardashians:

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