Wicks of Wisdom
“… Like a Prescription for Your Soul.” ®

Wicks of Wisdom is a spiritual candle-magic line created by Dr. Linda in 1999 while on national radio.  She was trained in candle magic and took the concepts mainstream for people from all walks of life.  Removing any stigma of the occult, Dr. Linda Salvin’s Wicks of Wisdom work “…like a prescription for your soul.”  

Each set of these amazing candles includes three candles, the correct formula of essential oils, herbs and powders to help create the desired result from your ritual.  Included are three parchment circles which Dr. Linda teaches you to use for the ritual.  Each set of candles can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

Wicks of Wisdom sets include all the ingredients you will need for enhancing finances, luck, love, health and wellness, harmony and legal issues.  The research has been done and the formulas are provided to you with a booklet explaining the technique.  Wicks of Wisdom are shipped all over the world.

This is an alleged product as no spiritual product is guaranteed.  The testimonials on this website speak for themselves as they are written by people just like you! The more sets you burn, the more results will be achieved.  Rome was not built in a day so often, one set of candles is just beginning of your successes.  You need patience.   Wicks of Wisdom allow you to participate in your own spiritual process.  Order yours now!

Wicks of Wisdom, Dr. Linda Salvin
Petitions - Dr. Linda Salvin, Psychic Medium, Wicks of Wisdom
Wicks of Wisdom, Dr. Linda Salvin
Wicks of Wisdom, Dr. Linda Salvin
Wicks of Wisdom, Dr. Linda Salvin

What People are Saying

Within two days after beginning my Good Luck Power candles, things began to change. Money started coming in from unexpected places, and new focus began in my life. There are no words to express how grateful I am.- Leslie
As a stockbroker, I have been burning the candles for years. Even with the unstable market, my business continues to grow and clients are happy. Wicks of Wisdom work.- Brad W.
I burned the three sets of Soul Mate Power candles and my boyfriend proposed to me. We have been married for several years now. Thank you for everything.- Helen