With Dr. Linda Salvin, you can:
  • Discover your future — Readings
  • Reach out to a loved one on the other side — Channelings
  • Heal from your soul — Healings
  • Deal effectively with your life concerns — Wicks of Wisdom Candles

Linda’s love of people comes across in her delivery, whether in person, on the radio or in her frequent TV appearances. For private psychic readings online, healing sessions, channeling sessions or astrology charts, you can order online or call (888) 509-1077.

Dr. Linda is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

Dr. Linda is a standing member of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums and has been voted in the top 10 for over 7 years.


I became psychic after I survived a commercial airplane crash in 1981. I had 2 more near death experiences after that, one in 1982 and another in 1984. I am directly linked to the other side due to a white light experience and 3 near death.

I did not embrace the gift for 12 years. I was very afraid of it. Once I accepted it, my life changed and I began to help people on their journey. I am one of the 4 original radio psychics who started in 1994 on Los Angeles’ KBIG 104. I had my own show for 15 years, long before the internet. I am a frequent guest of George Noory on Coast to Coast and have been on many TV shows. I became a healer after surgery in 1991 and a medium after more surgery in 1996.

I have a BA in Health Education, a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and a PhD in Metaphysics. All combined education brings the science and spiritual together to give you a clear answer. Call or email me now.

Noted Modern Psychic

Dr. Linda Salvin received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975 and went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan in 1977. She was ordained as a Doctor of Divinity in 1999. In 2008, Linda was awarded her Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Born bereft of psychic gifts and originally trained in public health, Linda has traveled a remarkable life journey.

Devastating but Transcendent Accidents

A series of devastating accidents transformed her life. A successful public health professional, Linda survived a commercial airliner crash in 1981 while traveling on company business. As she was sliding down the plane’s emergency chute, she had an out-of-body experience. This was the beginning of her psychic and spiritual transformation.

A year later, she was struck by a fire truck. Then in 1984, yet another traumatic auto accident brought her to the White Light. A surgery in 1991 proved to be another life-altering experience, opening Linda to her healing gifts. By 1996, her body had developed tumors, the result of healing people, and those tumors had to be surgically removed. After the first of three operations, Linda became a transmedium and began to communicate with the other side to assist people in need.

With each of these experiences, Linda’s spiritual connection, psychic skill, healing gifts and transmediumship abilities began to blossom. Rather then dwell on her own challenges, Linda reached out to further assist and heal others.

Full-Time Psychic

Eventually, Linda left her career as an epidemiologist to devote her full-time energies to her metaphysical gifts. In addition to developing through referral an international following as a respected psychic, healer and channeler in private practice, she took her skills to a wider audience via radio in 1994.

Visions & Solutions

Linda’s radio broadcasting career began as the nighttime psychic on KBIG 104 FM in Los Angeles. Later she produced and hosted her own radio program on KIEV 870 AM in Southern California.

From there, she moved to the Cable Radio Psychic Network, a national audio broadcast system streamed over the Internet and carried through cable TV systems and big-dish satellite. In 2004, Linda began to syndicate her show “Linda Salvin: Visions & Solutions” nationally to radio stations.

By 2005, Linda was on the air in Los Angeles on KLSX 97.1 FM Talk and drew between 35 and 52 callers a night. She was on KLSX for the next three years until the station went off the air. While pursuing her broadcasting career and private practice, Linda was involved with producing her Wicks of Wisdom TV Infomercial, during which time she earned her Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

Linda Is Known as a “Psychic’s Psychic”

Fellow psychics consult her from cities across the United States. Oftentimes she has guests on her show, including other psychics and metaphysical practitioners from related disciplines. Her show is a mix of sophisticated self-help advice, spiritual counsel and the wisdom provided by her special visions. People from all walks of life seek her guidance, from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to celebrities, professionals, office clerks, blue-collar workers and everyone in between.