Psychic & Metaphysical Services
Choose from Readings, Healings, Channellings, and more!
Please pay in advance. We will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment. We are Pacific time and will adjust according to your time zone. Dr. Linda reads by Phone, Skype and WhatsApp.

Private Reading

Dr. Linda’s most popular service is her Private Reading. Private Readings are predictions of life whether it is love, career, finances, relationships, moving, travel, spiritual growth, etc. Readings will be conducted via phone or Skype.

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Reading / Healing Session

Readings are predictions of life. Healings are the spiritual and metaphysical removal of inner blocks and obstacles preventing full enjoyment and freedom in life resulting from everyday traumas and stresses of life’s process and journey.

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Channelling Session

Channelling is the connection to the spiritual side where communication is made with a deceased loved one giving comfort and closure to the person where it is needed to complete the curious or or grieving person to heal.

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Healing Session

Healing sessions are the spiritual and metaphysical removal of inner blocks and obstacles preventing full enjoyment and freedom in life resulting from everyday traumas and stresses of the life’s process and journey.

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Email Conversation

Dr. Linda provides accurate psychic readings over email. She is responsive and will answer your questions in detail. Channelling of people or animals CANNOT be done via email. Please purchase a channelling session if you wish to have this service.

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Wicks of Wisdom Consultation

People purchase the Wicks of Wisdom Consultation to determine which candles would be best for specific purposes and goals.  Dr. Linda can quickly determine the best set or sets to recommend to you “…like a prescription for your soul.”

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Linda Will Burn Candles for You

When it comes to performing your Wicks of Wisdom ritual, please understand each candle can burn 2-7 days. An entire set could take up to three weeks, depending on burn time. No two candles are alike. Dr. Linda offers her services if you are unable to burn in your home for personal reasons, travel, occupation, or whatever may prevent you from performing the task. Dr. Linda has successfully burned the candles for customers all over world. Please email Dr. Linda for pricing and what it is you wish to accomplish. Dr. Linda charges a flat fee per set for her services which will include the cost of candles, oils and writing the petitions, burning them and following through for the three weeks. She will take photos of your progress and text you along the way.

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What our Clients say

You were really right on about the current state of affairs IN THIS MINUTE, not just large trends. Got confirmation you had seen things right later that day. Events have been unfolding re: the other people in my world. Thanks for your constant advice and clear seeing to keep my heart and mind on the right track!- Laura
Linda NAILED the two guys I called about. I have never talked to anyone on Keen who is so detailed and accurate! Wow! I will DEFINITELY call again! Linda, you are REALLY amazing!!!- Amy
CRAZY ACCURACY! You have to call Linda. She is astounding. I am a FAN for life! You will be too. Trust yourself, not negative thinkers and feedback!- Jeanne
Linda is a very honest reader. She doesn't give you a line to keep you calling her back, she just lays it out pure and simple. I appreciate her gift, her integrity, and her obvious intelligence. If you are seeking the unvarnished truth and are willing to hear it, call Dr. Salvin.- Debbie