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The Healing Works!

I had a healing with you, Dr. Linda, to help me with some issues from my past. It was easy and comfortable as I was laying down. After 3 days I called you to tell you I was feeling better.

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The Real Deal Healer

Dr. Linda, Over the years I have been led astray by so many people claiming they are legit healers and intuitives, and I’ve only ended up with the same issues reappearing and less in my pocket. It has been a

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May you continue to grow in strength!

Hi Linda. I don’t think we have ever spoken, but we must have had friends in common. Certainly I remember your name. The main reason I wanted to write is to congratulate you on your achievements as a psychic and

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You’re on a roll!

I deeply appreciate your channeling session. I found a nice sense of peace knowing that my dead young mother really thought of me and saw me crying all those years when I was thinking of her and loving her and

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Thank you. I love your show.

I am experiencing a shift from the HEALING, a lot of the negativity that was weighing me down heavily is lifting and I don’t feel as consumed by it. I feel more energy for other things like a baby discovering

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You nailed it girl!

I am ver intuitive myself but to pinpoint an area that has been so troublesome and painful was incredible … tmj, root canal and traumatized nerve … I have never had it before and hope to never have it again

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