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Dr. Linda is the absolute truth!

I honestly don’t know where to start. I came to Dr. Linda seeking answers and guidance, and got way more revelations. Her reading has helped me navigate through a family members severe illness, prepare for a life altering situation and also gave me comfort that things will eventually be alright. Everything she said in her reading was 100% accurate! Don’t sleep on Dr. Linda. She’s the truth and someone who helps provide answers/guidance with life’s questions.

Scary Accurate and Success

I originally got to know Linda as a psychic. I had been reading with her on and over over 10 years. She predicted my first marriage wouldn’t be long term and then with the second long term relationship, she is the only one that ended up being right to the point. My significant other has used the exact same term she used to describe something. Knowing what an incredible psychic she is, I decided to buy her Good Luck candles....

Family dispute

I purchased Dr. Linda’s candles last month and I am seeing a tremendous change in my life with family, with my baby and her dad situation with us going to court.   Everything in my life seems to be coming together and I can finally say that it feels peaceful; I am peaceful. Life is peaceful, Dr. Linda’s candles really changed my life thank you.


Dr Linda is the truth. She did some candles for me last month and my God they are working! I went to an event that my water company has every year and they give away door prizes and, I won a 250 dollars gift card.  I never won and at this event. I feel so much better about my job, and, my everyday life. Everything is going great for me. Give Dr. Linda a try, you won’t regret it.  Thanks...

New Job and New Person In My Life

Hi, I called and scheduled at reading with Linda and she was very helpful. My mother had passed away recently when I had the reading. But she also told me that I would be getting a new job which I as surprised she said that being I had that job for many years. When my boss sold the company and like when another company takes over, they bring in their own people so no more job. I got another position...

Healing Changed My Life

I have been struggling with depression my entire life but things became much worse when my mother passed away in January. I have a had what I can only describe as a dark cloud following me around everywhere I go. I heard about Dr. Linda through Storm Monroe and decided to reach out. After my initial reading I got a healing done after. After the healing I felt extremely relaxed and that dark cloud and sinking feeling is completely gone....